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Brinkworth Primary and Early Childhood Centre

We welcome you to Brinkworth Primary and Early Childhood Centre where the students are encouraged to become powerful learners, striving to be the best they can be.

Click here to see some of their work.

The learners are challenged, have fun and learn through:

  • Focussed inquiry topics each term to engage children in all their learning
  • Setting their own Learning Goals each term
  • Learning the expectations of the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework and Literacy and Numeracy indicators
  • Being involved in Leadership and decision making throughout the site
  • Being involved in combined learning opportunities throughout the week such as The Arts and Design and Technology
  • Weekly gardening times to focus on sustainability and use of grown produce within our site
  • Focussed, timetabled learning times to allow for growth for all
  • Being involved in Fun Days to raise money, celebrate achievements, enjoy special activities like Book Week
  • Performing and presenting at fortnightly assemblies, concerts and in front of large audiences or smaller groups within their class
  • Using games to learn how to solve problems and work together
  • Being part of the Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • Visiting other local schools and pre-schools to share learning opportunities
  • Performances with special guests onsite and in nearby towns
  • Participating in Sports Day with nearby schools
  • Swimming lessons and Swimming carnival with Koolunga
  • Working closely with the Kindy—Weekly visits, Open Gate Tuesday, Bases learning and play
  • Consistent and embedded use of Information Technology such as iPads, 3D Printing, Coding, Mathletics, Scratch Jnr
  • Camps and excursions.
  • Local History Museum visits
  • Exploration and engagement in the community
  • Electives with local people involved in art, craft and historical activities
  • Learning musical instruments and dance with qualified instructors

Please email the school at if you have any questions or would like to be involved in the education of the children in the Brinkworth community.


Celebrating notable events

1894 - 120 years ago - meeting held to open a school in Brinkworth

1914 - 100 years ago the first stone building was erected on the grounds

1944 - 70 years ago - the Area School opened

1974 - 40 years ago - the Primary School opened

2014 - brings back 70 years of Area School memories and

..............................40 years of Primary School memories 

Primary School as seen from the road

Local History Bike Ride

Performance at School Assembly

Active After School Care

Harmony Day Activity

Preschool Centre

Together we will provide a positive, happy, stimulating and secure environment for your child to 'explore, engage and experience' - develop and learn.

Starting Preschool (SA Govt site, opens in a new window) is a big step in your child's life - making new friends - sharing toys and ideas - coping with frustrations and finding out and remembering where things are.

These are some of the skills they will learn during their time at Preschool.

Play Group

Our Playgroup is run every Friday from 9.30am to 11.30am.

Please contact our Playgroup coordinator Amy on 08 8846 2187 for more information or click here (opens in new window)

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