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Brinkworth Management Committee

The Brinkworth Management Committee Incorporated is a town committee, representing and made up entirely of volunteers from organisations, groups and community members in Brinkworth.

The objects and purposes of the Committee are:

  • To provide a strategic direction for Brinkworth and environs
  • To foster, preserve and promote financial, cultural, heritage, recreational and sporting activities in the Brinkworth District.
  • To form a union between the groups in the area by encompassing the principles of efficiency to ensure that resources are not wasted through overlap, duplication and cumbersome administration procedures.
  • To encourage and nurture the strong volunteer system which forms the basis of the Brinkworth Community.
  • To develop a strong lobbying and advocacy voice with widespread community representation to work with Council.
  • To help us understand what people we represent want for their townsite and region we conducted a strategic planning exercise in 2004 and developed our Plan and now have commenced addressing some of the objectives and actions.


Management Committee Chairman, Bruce Weckert (right) presents Ray Heinjus, with the 2014 Brinkworth "Local Hero" award.

The award, an initiative of the BMC committee, was was first presented in 2013.

In 2015 the Local Hero award was presented to joint recipients, Robert (Bob) and Raelene Green. Their citation follows:

Bob & Raelene Green – Joint Recipients of Brinkworth’s 2015 Local Hero Award

Bob joined the Emergency Fire Service in1968 and was Brigade Officer in Charge in 1981- 95. When EFS became CFS he was Brigade Captain till 1997, and then again from 2007 till today. He has served in the Fire Service for the past 47 years, and during this time has attended over 40 training sessions, and is still attending training, keeping up his skills, and passing on these skills to new recruits.

Bob has been a member of the local cricket club. He is an active member of the local bowling club and played in the last 4 Premierships of Division 1.

In other areas he has served the community of Brinkworth as an active member of the Progress Association, spending many hours pushing a hand mower around the town, and keeping the mowers in working order. He was an original member and a President of KESAB, when Brinkworth won the “Tidy Town Award” in 1985, 1987, 1988. 

For KESAB Tidy Towns Bob was known as “ Mr. Fixit” for the town mowers, which would work overtime during this time. Luckily Griggs Garage, for which Bob worked at this time, supported the Tidy Town competition. As part of the group who were responsible for the planting of the Australian Native trees around the district, he helped make Brinkworth the oasis it is.

He was a affiliated with Scouts and was one of the original leaders of the Brinkworth Scouts.

For years Bob has run the town garage and during this time has been available for RAA calls in Brinkworth and outside the district. Bob even brings Father Christmas to Brinkworth.

Raelene Green: Since she married Bob and moved to Brinkworth, Raelene has been an active, contributing member of the community.

She joined the Red Cross as a junior member (quite a few years ago), and has been a member of the local Red Cross ever since, receiving her 40-year badge in 2013. She is now the Mid North District Zone Secretary and chair of the State Zone Committee. She is also the Emergency Services Regional Liason Officer.

Raelene joined the CFS in January 1992 and has continued as Radio Operator for the past 23 years. Raelene has also been a member of the Brinkworth CWA for many years, where she is still secretary.

She was involved with the Brinkworth Netball Club, and Secretary of the BSR Netball club, and has been a Cub Leader in the Scout movement.

Raelene was an active member of the earliest KASAB and Progress Association.

When her children were attending Brinkworth school she helped in many ways, and was a member of the School Welfare Club, serving as Secretary in the ‘90s.

Raelene and Bob are members of the Uniting Church. Both joined the Lay Ministry Team in 1997 and have been faithful and committed members for the past 19 years. Raelene is Secretary of this team. Raelene always organised Sunday School and, until it ceased a couple of years, ago taught Religion Education at the Primary School, long after it ceased in most Public Schools.

The Brinkworth Community is grateful for your service in this town.

Thank you Bob & Raelene. We are proud to have you as our Local Heroes.

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