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Avenues of native trees flanking both road and rail entrances welcome visitors to Brinkworth.

Built at Magpie Creek in 1892 at "the Great Junction of the Blyth, Snowtown and Gladstone Railways", today it serves as a centre for grain producers (mainly wheat and barley) and prime lamb producers.

Named after George Brinkworth, one of the land owners in the district at the time the town was the established, the town's main street is liberally sprinkled with buildings dating back to the twilight of the 19th century, while a turntable and water tower remain as beacons to its past importance as a rail junction.

Brinkworth, which lies 32km north of the major regional town of Clare, has a population of approximately 200.

Why not ask to look at the locally-produced "Magpie Creek Junction" history book in the hotel or museum and immerse yourself in memories of this former bustling railway centre.

Talk to the locals—you’ll find people are happy to share their town with you.

Relax with a drink and a meal in town, enjoy a picnic in the Memorial Gardens or have a barbeque at Stockyard Reserve.

Spend a night or two at the Travellers' Overnight Stay camp site or the Country Lodge B&B (details below) and really explore the town’s attractions, including the History Museum which can be opened for you on request.

Brinkworth is an entry or exit point for the Bunyip Trail, linking it to three nearby towns and the River Broughton. Relics of its bustling past, as a major regional centre, can be seen as you walk or pedal around the town or along the Pepper Tree Trail from historic Stockyard Reserve.

Following the route of the disused railway line, past a rare example of an old railway turntable, grain silos and two charming railway cottages, this trail then takes you through a natural amphitheatre shaded by groves of native trees that attract hundreds of multi-coloured birds when in flower. There are great views of the surrounding countryside from the adjacent embankment.

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